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We are a group of companies offering automated integrated solutions including intelligent products, business intelligence solutions, sales acquisition tracking and commission payroll services. Since 1987, we have provided the very best in application development, technology consulting and sales tacking support to companies of all sizes across North America. What puts us ahead of the competition is our commitment to your needs. Over the last 20+ years, we have worked with several marketing companies to help properly track their sales, pay their agents and maximize their margins using our applications and services.

In a business environment where competition and immediacy are consistently intensifying, change is the only certainty. That means that requirements are constantly evolving. Alexian understands the pressure experienced to stay competitive and to get ahead. Our emphasis on collaboration, integration and simplification enables us to understand challenges and gain an in-depth view of our client’s enterprise from both the technology and business perspective. We have everything needed to build customized solutions that reflect how our clients do business and what they want to achieve. We then enhance those offerings with innovative thinking, agile response, and hands on experience and industry knowledge. By fusing our technology expertise with business insight, we help strengthen competitive capabilities through increased efficiencies and improved business performance. Alexian collaborates with customers to create tailored business solutions that meet their unique needs and help them compete more effectively.

The key to our success is the combined effort of a highly skilled team of professionals, who ensure that our work enhances and supports our clients business.

To us customer service means unlimited warranty support, system upgrades and enhancements at competitive rates.  It also means after-hours emergency service because we know the work doesn’t stop at 5.