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Many companies like yours will be vying for the large customer base that exists in the deregulated energy, telephone, alarms, HVAC and cable industries. To efficiently accomplish this undertaking it is imperative that you implement proper systems to effectively manage your day-to-day operations. Alexian has several years’ experience in this field and our software platforms are designed for this purpose.

“It is imperative that you implement proper systems to effectively manage your day-to-day operations.”

Alexian is aware that the implementation of a proper processing methodology is imperative to support any marketing initiative. Depending on your needs, Alexian can either assume any or all of the functions or assist with any or all of the functions which comprise the sales acquisition process.

Our back office software streamlines customer acquisitions, expedites customer information flow, manages the customer information, provides management reports, eliminates tricky manual calculations, pays sales representatives and removes the stress of managing the sales acquisition process.

Alexian’s applications and services keep all partners linked to accurate update information while our staff aid in designing and implementing changes to maximize the sales acquisition process. In conjunction with our affiliated companies, we offer complete back office services using our Intellilync products. This includes,

  • Maintaining the core processing systems
  • Storing all related information including scanned, faxed and email contracts and documents
  • Customer information, transactions and associated information
  • Agent information and associated documents
  • Payroll information
  • Maintaining the system including upgrades, data integrity and data archiving
  • Maintaining the databases including daily, weekly and monthly backups
  • Managing all backend and auto process engines
  • Responding to queries relating to processing issues
  • Liaison with all parties to establish detailed requirements across all departments
  • Modifying and setting up software environments to meet your specific needs
  • Training your staff on using our system if required

We have an ongoing relationship with all Ontario Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) in order to provide custom and packaged solutions for Electricity and Natural Gas in Ontario.