We are a group of companies offering automated integrated solutions including IT Consultancy, Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce Solutions, intelligent products, Energy Sub-metering Solutions, Custom Software Development, Sales Acquisition Tracking and Commission Payroll Services.

Since 1987, we have provided the very best in IT Solutions to companies of all sizes across North America.

Our Services

IT Solutions

Our Team of Experts will help you to identify and to implement the IT Solutions your business needs to be competitive in a constant changing world

SuiteCRM Implementation

The best Customer Relationship Management alternative in the market. The Open Source, Flexible and Highly Customizable CRM.

Shopify Deployment

The E-Commerce platform for any size of business. We are Shopify's proud Partner and can help you to star selling online in no time.

Utility Submetering

Alexian Energy Services, our subsidiary company provides utility Sub metering services to landlords, property management firms and owners.

Sales Acquisition Management

Our team of experts have years of experience to help you in managing the day-to-day operations. We have the tools to help you with any marketing initiative.

Commission Payroll

To gain a competitive advantage, today's companies must focus and motivate their sales force through incentive plans. We can help you.

Data Transmission

We have the tools to Transmit, Process and Analyze your Data. We provide a secure end to end data transmission.

Third Party Billing

Via Enbridge Gas, we provide billing services to companies that do not have their own billing platform.

Our Team of Experts can help you to bring your Business Ideas To Reality

Our Products


Intellilync is fully integrated with our propitiatory telephony system that provides inbound, outbound or both calling options.


eSac is a powerful Windows Desktop Sales Acquisition and Commission Tracking software that is designed to assist marketing companies in validating.

Retail Manager Payroll

It is a Jamaican payroll software designed to help optimize and simplify the complex task associated with running payroll for any business .

Our Providers

When it comes to IT Service Providers, it is easy to get lost in a sea of options available. Click here to see what our favourite providers are: