With a focus on the Ontario energy sector our Windows desktop application provides the following

Hosted EBT Services for Electricity

Hosted GDAR Services for Gas

Data Management of all associated transactions

Retailer Billing and Settlements Solutions

HVAC Sales, Billing and Customer Management

eSac is a powerful Windows Desktop Sales Acquisition and Commission Tracking software that is designed to assist marketing companies in validating, transmitting, tracking enrollments and making payments. The program takes care of all payroll calculations even if the compensation plans changes from week to week.

Our application encompasses all of the functionality and processes required to support the full customer life cycle for Retail Energy Suppliers. Our solution handles all aspects of the operations from the point where a customer is acquired to paying your sales agents.

This multi-level program works for as few as 1 agent to as many as 2 billion. For as little as 1 customer, to billions of customers. That means when you grow, eSac grows with you.

To gain a competitive advantage, today’s companies must focus on motivating its sales force through incentive plans and proper tracking of enrollments and payments. Within one company alone, there can be a number of variable compensation plans, marketing territories and several types of products which all translate into an administrative nightmare.

By choosing eSac, rather than licensing, customizing, implementing and operating a billing system of your own, retailers can avoid the substantial investment needed to comply with the various market standards.

Summary of features


For pricing related to the self-hosted installation, please contact us to discuss needs and specific requirements.


For pricing related to active customers, residential equivalence of transactional based service, customers must call to discuss needs and specific configuration requirements before pricing can be determined.


Development and customization fees are per hour or agreed project cost depending on your specific requirements.