This package includes everything needed to deploy your solution using our hosted service.

  1. No setup fees
  2. First 30 days free
  3. Cancel at anytime without penalty
  4. Unlimited bandwidth
  5. Unlimited storage
  6. Simultaneous and unlimited user access
  7. Redundant disk-based storage
  8. Secure duplicated offsite backups
  9. Technical support
  10. Automatic upgrades
  11. Maintenance
  12. Storage tracking and monitoring
  13. Automatic archiving and deletion
  14. Data storage
  15. Document storage
  16. All users
  17. All modules

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Data and document storage per month

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Minimum per month

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For pricing related to the self-hosted installation, please contact us to discuss needs and specific requirements.

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For pricing related to active customers, residential equivalence of transactional based service, customers must call to discuss needs and specific configuration requirements before pricing can be determined.

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Development and customization fees are per hour or agreed project cost depending on your specific requirements.

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Data storage includes the actual records of information within the various tables

Document storage includes uploaded files that are attached to records or stored in the document libraries

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